Tanji Fishing Center

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Tanji is one of a few long- standing fishing villages in the Gambia. This beautiful remote fishing village is located along the Atlantic ocean and serves as the main distributor of seafood to the neighboring villages including resorts . You see despite being a little village, Tanji is really off the beaten track.

Fishing is clearly the center of the village’s industry , with many of the men making repairs to boats, stitching nets and drying out catches while they converse with each other. We were privilege to have  a native of the area who was beside himself and offered to demonstrate how he makes his nets and enlighten us about the various methods of fishing.These nets are usually meshes formed by knotting a relative thin thread, while some are made from nylon. Cast nets are small round nets with weights on the edges thrown by the fisher, size vary to about meter in diameter. Nets are thrown by hand in such a manner it spreads out on the river bank and sinks and smaller fish such as Tilapia and sardines are caught and hauled back in. 

Some types of fishing nets which are bigger in size need to be kept hanging vertically in the water by means of a float at the top. Various light ” cockwood” type woods are used as fishing floats which come in different sizes and shapes. These fishing nets are used for larger scale fishing with the fishermen going deeper into the water with their fishing boats. The nets are arranged in a number of different ways with layers of nets attached to floats and weights which are perfect for in water fishing. 


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