Bansang Bricks Innovation

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Bansang Town The Gambia Tell.3773603/2591903

I am Amadou AS Camara Born in Bansang Sukurr Kunda, I am 33 by age and working with the medical research council the Gambia as a nurse ,but before with mrc I was working with the ministry of health and social welfare, I was working with the ministry I engage myself in to many communities work like farming, gardening and also an activist sensitising community about important of been set sufficient in food and infrastructure which was truly exciting as I love that way of life which I see give chance for many people to work hard in farming and gardening which many youths engage now in that area of my work.

In 2019 when I was posted back home I see it vital to engage myself in activities in my community to help or promote youths in work ,so I first do my survey to see in what activities are the youth engage , inclusions I see in youths in bricks making which impressed me as it’s self employment,reduce the used of chemical products and also making things here in Gambia which is like blocks and they feel very strong and hard to break . I see myself in the block making because I love the job and also it’s giving me financial and also I am giving hope to young people by investing my money which I directly earn from my wages from work and which is giving hopes to many young people I have so much difficulties which we face ,that’s people see this bricks as not modern. Also because we are for now unable to have out own machines to for making accurate bricks which we believe that the all Gambia can be able to used Lack of confidence from clients to buy huge amount and also invest Lack of funds to stated up . We are trying to limit the used of cement and also to expose our environment so soon To promote our own products Less expensive Can leave for many years with out breaks Bulletproof and waterproof Can be used for all kinds of fencing and buildings


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