Biggest Poultry Farmer in The Gambia

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Muhammed Sanyang

As a young Gambian, Muhammed Sanyang wanted to travel abroad to better his future not know his future was already bright and most Probably better in The Gambia. He followed his father’s advice to start something in the Gambia to better his future.

His is Muhammed Sanyang’s story:

Muhammed Sanyang is a young Gambian millionaire who earn his money in the Gambia through farming. Muhammed attended Arabic school and never went to a conventional English school. He pursuit his love for chickens since at a young age while still going to school. He started his poultry farm with only 5 chickens and expanded as the biggest poultry farmer with over 40,000 birds including Layers and Broilers in his farm in The Gambia in a village called Sanbuya.

He has automated most of the farm activities especially the chicken layer collection, feeding and drinking. This allowed him to scale the farm products with minimal labour.

Muhammed has expanded his farm to include other types of farming which includes husbandry cattle and horticulture.

Despite the automation, Muhammed employed over 20 young Gambians across different sections of the farm.

Muhammed and his farm became an inspiration for many youths in The Gambia. Many Gambians visit the farm for a study tour and as an inspiration to start farming.


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