We are planting trees in The Gambia

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Checkout this video for more information

We are Nice Gambia. Because of our love for the country The Gambia, we opened a youtube channel to promote the beauty of our country. On our channel we promote and encourage the youths to stay and develop the country.

Our new project is about planting thousands of trees throught the country because we believe that trees are essential the a better and healthier community.

Trees generate out oxygen that we need to breathe. The carbondioxide animals breathe out us breathin by trees to give us a clean and fresh air.  During rainy season, trees block heavy winds that may otherwise cause distruction to the community assets. Trees also prevent ruuning water erosion and may reduce the effects of flooding.

Many animals find food in trees and also depends on the tree as their habitats and protection from predators.

Therefore, we Nice Gambia will be embacking on tree planting yearly inshaAllah. Join us and build the Gambia. Lets make The Gambia greener.


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